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Union Raises EI Extension with Federal Government

Employment Insurance Issues
May 07, 2007

Fish, Food and Allied Workers (FFAW/CAW) President Earle McCurdy reiterated the Union’s call that the federal government extend EI benefits for thousands of harvesters and plant workers prevented from working as a result of the worst ice conditions in 20 years during a meeting with Fisheries and Oceans Minister Loyola Hearn Sunday.



Mr. McCurdy said the federal government has responded in the past to similar circumstances.



“These are urgent circumstances that require urgent actions. This is an act of nature beyond the control of the affected people who now face dire financial circumstances as a result,” Mr. McCurdy told the federal minister during the Ottawa meeting.



Mr. McCurdy wrote federal HRSDC Minister Monte Solberg with the request in April.



“This is a tough situation for the affected families,” said the Union leader. He said Mr. Hearn had raised the issue with Mr. Solberg following the Union’s initial request and undertook to follow up on it in the wake of the discussions in Ottawa on Sunday.